21st Century Racetrack

All modern, world class, racetracks use race control- & automated marshalling systems to enhance safety and create a professional racing environment for competitors and spectators alike.  These systems are one of the most profitable investments that a circuit can make since it simplifies and reduces costs during races and test days.  True Race has affordable solutions to improve- and elevate your track to a new level of professionalism.  We provide full assistance with implementation and operation of these systems. 


Race Control and Automated Marshalling System

A race control system is designed to enhance safety by simplifying and streamlining the process of directing a race.  The system is integrated with an automated marshalling system, which consists of large LED displays that are placed at strategic places around the track.  These displays serve as digital flags that can be controlled by a marshal or remotely activated to display any of the motorsport flags (Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red & Yellow etc.) to:

  • Immediately display red flags and stop the race, if necessary
  • warn drivers of any incidents or hazards
  • Blue flags to inform back markers that they are about to be lapped
  • Issue warning flags to competitors


Take Control

Powerful, yet easy to use software allows the lighting system to be controlled from a central point by PC or tablet.  The software provides race information including the race status and a digital representation of where the cars are on track.  The Race Control software can also be linked up to video cameras that are placed around the track so the race director can monitor every inch of the track and make informed decisions. 


Improved Safety

The electronic lights are designed to be highly visible and work in all weather conditions, day or night.  Individual lights can be activated to warn drivers of incidents at certain points of the circuit.  Alternatively, all the lights can be coordinated from a central point to indicate a Full Course Yellow, safety car or to stop the race.  The automated system of lights assist marshals to do other tasks (like recovering a vehicle) instead of being committed to waving a flag.  Repeater lights are installed on each flag to indicate to all personnel that a light is active. 


Better Racing

 Competitors’ racing experience is improved by creating a safe, competitive and professional racing environment.  Blue flags can be fully automated, so the software detects when to warn a driver that he is about to be lapped.